Sunday, June 1

to do list for 6-1-08

wow its june already boy this year is going by fast!!

  1. get the kids ready for church done!!
  2. go to church we did not make it today ;(
  3. check foodlion to see if they still have granola bars left they have a brand they are closing out and i have dollar off coupons so it makes them 59 cents a box and that's great cause this brand is normally around 3 bucks and they are soooo good!! done i spent 2.91 and got 1 pack of travel baby wipes (1.50) but i had a 1.50 off wipes coupon so free haha and then i got 3 boxes of the simple harvest granola bars they were on sale for 1.59 and i had 3 1 off coupons so 59 cents each hehe and then i got a bag of cherry lemon pops (2 bucks hey its like 1000 degrees here lol) and then i also had a 1 off any food lion transaction so that all equaled out to a little under 3 bucks i love coupons!!
  4. make beds done!!
  5. have kids clean there rooms done!!
  6. eat all meals at home yep we were good we have not acually eaten out in a few weeks and i hope to keep that up since we are trying to pay off bills so we won't be so broke all the time!! ;)
  7. dinner at 6:30 done!!
  8. clean my desk
  9. dishes done!!
  10. clean the kids bathroom (yes this is day 3 of hoping to get this done lol) *i have started now thou lol* wow its done and it only took me like 10 minutes and it looks and smells great now thank god!! ;)
  11. get a news paper done!!

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