Wednesday, June 25

to do list for 6-25-08

well yesterday was a pretty good day i got a lot of organizing done that took up most of my day and chad called again and talked to me and the kids and that was cool but sadly he probably won't call again for awhile but i think emailing back in forth is just fine for me and the kids enjoy there videos but they also really enjoy talking to him his timing was pretty funny yesterday cause it was right after kk peed on the potty and she was all excited and she told him on the phone i peed i peed it was cute!! well today i am mostly gonna finish up yesterdays stuff and do the basics and maybe add a thing or 2 ;)

  1. finish yesterdays list
  2. dishes done!!
  3. spot clean couch
  4. tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  5. have kids make there bed done!!
  6. look up washing machine rates and take notes lol
  7. b-fast oatmeal for the kids and i had spam and eggs ;)
  8. lunch we had sandwich's and sliced cheese at the beach
  9. dinner last nights leftovers plus i am making some broccoli
  10. take books and movies to library and go early enough to see if we can go to story time (I'm not sure if they will let me take Cheyenne and kyle in since they are 6 and 7 cause the flyer says 5 and under but we will see) we are gonna go tomorrow since we went to the beach today ;)
  11. have Cheyenne vacuum tonight done thanks! ;)
  12. water garden done!!

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