Wednesday, June 4

half way there

so i had my 20 week apt today and the baby's heartbeat was between 139-142 last month it was 146-149 and we all know what that means......ITS A BOY well its an old wives tale i know but its been true for all 4 of our kids Cheyennes and Kaylee's heartbeat was always in the high 150s and the low 160s and kyle and Cody's were always in the 140s and i always measured a week or 2 early with the boys and this one i am measuring at 21-22 weeks lol so all fingers are pointing to boy!! but i guess we will not know for sure till next Monday when i get my ultrasound ;) either way its cool and i am totally excited for either!!! i have gained 9 lbs now which is pretty great usually i am up to about 15 or so by now and its not my diet cause i do eat trust me hahaha but i am very active as you can imagine with 4 kids we walk and bike ride a lot!! well until my ultrasound i guess thats all in the baby department ;)

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