Tuesday, June 3


so the tree trimmers are here and cutting away at all the trees!! its kinda funny cause the kids are going in the florida room and pretty much all you can see are limbs that were cut down and they are calling it there hide out!! they are also working on the front yard today to well they are at my neighbors house and had me move my van and truck so i assume they will be in our yard soon i stressed many times to be careful of my garden so hopefully it will be fine!!!!!! well they are not gonna cut my trees in the front today after all they told me they will be doing it in the morning.. but anyways today has been a pretty lazy day we have really not done anything but sit around we were outside for a little bit but man its so hot here!! i am thinking about going to the beach or to Hanna parks little water park area cause man this heat could kill ya!! well i guess i am gonna go and clean the kitchen and figure something fun out for us to do! ;)

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