Friday, June 20

to do list for 6-20-08

well i really don't have a lot to do cause we power cleaned last night cause we got a new cat yep thats right we got a cat and so far everything is going good with him he really only likes me and Cheyenne i think the other 3 are to loud for him but he is slowly comming around them today and last night i think he had a blast running around the house checking everything out in peace the few times i woke up i heard his bell just a going lol!! well anyways hers my list and i will post some pictures later of the cat ;)

  1. clean tops of my dressers done!!
  2. tidy up desk nope maybe tomorrow lol
  3. mop kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway since i did not do it yesterday
  4. 1 load of laundry done!!
  5. b-fast the kids had peaches and oatmeal b-fast cookies and i had strawberry pound cake and milk yummy!! thank you uso!!
  6. lunch hamburgers and fries
  7. dinner we had the last of the leftovers and watermelon ;)
  8. dishes done!!
  9. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs we did not end up needing this today so we did not do it ;)
  10. go to the store and buy a cat litter scoop (that's the only thing he did not come with) done and Cheyenne had so much fun cleaning it hahahaha (jk)
  11. make my bed done!!
  12. have kids make there beds done!!
  13. mail chads pictures out not gonna happen today but i will get them out Monday i would go tomorrow but the post office on base is closed and the off base one is always sooooo packed so Monday is good lol!!
  14. kitchen counters done!!
  15. water garden done i let the kids play in the sprinkler as it was watered so woo hoo ;)
  16. plant sweet potatoes (no i have not done this yet) go me i finally did this and i am excited to see them grow!!

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see pics of the kitty