Sunday, June 29

my super long to do list broke down from room to room will keep adding all day today

I'm doing my list a little different today i am gonna go room by room and post more as i am done so here's list one

my room and bathroom:

  • get all clothes off my floor done!!
  • start a load of sheets and pillow cases in the washer done they are in the washer now
  • get all dishes out of my room and put in the dishwasher (not the sink) done!! and and there were so much i was able to start the dishwasher wow huh!!
  • tidy up both dressers done!!
  • tidy up my desk done!!
  • get all trash out of my room and in to a trash bag done i had a walmart bag full!!
  • make my bed with clean sheets and blankets done finally everything came out of the dryer ;)
  • have Cheyenne vacuum rug in my room done!!
  • sweep my floor and then mop it done!!
  • tidy up my bathroom mirror, sink, toilet, shower, floor done!!


  • dishes done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • clean kitchen counters and stove done!!
  • b-fast cereal
  • lunch sandwich's
  • dinner little steaks with cheesy potatoes and corn
  • clean sink
  • make some coffee and koolade changed my mind ;)

living room

  • vacuum done!!
  • clear and clean kitchen table
  • put all toys away done!!
  • sweep and mop areas where there is no rug
  • spot clean couch went to do it and i guess i did it earlier in the week when it was on my list and forgot lol cause it was clean!!
  • wipe TV down


  • clean the kids bathroom from top to bottom done!!
  • have kids clean and organize there room done!!
  • help kids clean the toy room
  • sweep all floors that don't have rugs
  • help Cheyenne dump and fill the litter box up with fresh litter done ewwww...
  • get chads package ready to mail out in the morning
  • go thru coupons and make a shopping list done plus we went to the store and omg was the a downpour on the way out it was so nice out when we got there and bam!! it was bad and whats funny is last time i went to the commissary last week or the week before it was pouring when we left to!!

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