Friday, June 20

some awesome freebies this week!!

well i got some good stuff yesterday from the uso they are giving kids a weekends supply of food all 3 meals for 2 days and it was all free each kid got there own paper bag filled with food and they were so excited opening there bags and seeing what they got it was really cute i hear they are gonna be doing this every week for the weekends and if i can get this again i totally am cause there was some good stuff and the kids were pretty happy about it! also while i was there they asked if i wanted any bread and bakery items and of course i said yes and apparently every Monday and Thursday they are given like day old bakery items and i got some stuff i would never buy cause of the price like i got some strawberry pound cake that was ooo sooo good and some pretzel bread that was pretty good to!! and just some English muffins and small loves of bread and some pita chips it was awesome i will totally come back next week and start getting some of this stuff and i encourage any other military wife in the mayport area to do so also!!! ** I just wanted to add that there are a few things missing from the picture (milk, an apple and a few oranges and a few other things)
and on to the clothes i was given 5 walmart bags of girls 2t clothes from freecycle and there were some great clothes in there Hanna Anderson, Ralph lauren, lands end, and lots of others that were super cute and i am always grateful for clothes for my kiddos and what i can't use i always pass on to someone else so this week was pretty good ;)

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