Tuesday, June 17

to do list for 6-17-08

well today has been a good day so far we all woke up a little late and thats always nice ;) and the house is pretty clean still from yesterday, i think all we really got going today is to go to the library and turn some stuff in and get some new stuff and we may play in the sprinkler later ;)

  1. b-fast eggs and bacon ;)
  2. lunch sandwich's and chips
  3. dinner homemade pizza YUMMY!!!
  4. go to the library changed my mind and just renewed them online and then we played in the pool i think we may go to the library tomarrow or Thursday when they have story time thou!
  5. dishes done!!
  6. kitchen counters
  7. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs (since we did not do this last night) she fell asleep early so i guess this will have to wait till tomarrow cause i don't want to do it and wake her!
  8. order some more vitamins for the kids (they are almost out) done!!
  9. water garden done!!
  10. hoe garden (man if feels like i just did this!!!) done!!
  11. make bread (and a few pizza crusts for dinner tonight) the bread is rising and i will put it in the oven and finish it in just a little bit ;)
  12. wash diapers they are in the washer now!!
  13. put blankets i am getting rid of on freecycle done!! now someone just has to come get them ;)
  14. 1 soda a day I'm gonna have to have 2 i am a little stressed Cheyenne erased all the scores on Mario ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and Cody is pretty winey right now....
  15. have kids clean there rooms before bed we are tired so we will have to do this tomarrow also!

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