Wednesday, June 18

to do list for 6-18-08

well i have way to much to do today i pretty much only did what had to be done yesterday and noting more and thats never good in a house with 4 young kiddos but we are gonna get it done today cause its a mess i really will never understand how is can get soooooo bad in one day??? and 2 well thats just crazy talk lol!! so my list will be very long today and i am praying i get it done so we can go to the beach or play in the pool and just relax!!!!

  1. have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs this morning (so it gets done lol) done!!
  2. clean tops of my dressers
  3. clean my desk (again) done!!
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. take my shower curtain down and put a clean one up (we use cloth and they get wet and dirty fast in the summer when we take lots of showers cause the pool and beach and stuff) done!!
  6. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  7. clean both bathroom sinks done!!
  8. go thru medicine cabinet and get rid of half the junk in there also go thru cabinets under the bathroom sinks and organize and toss stuff i don't need
  9. DISHES done!!
  10. kitchen counters done!!
  11. b-fast oatmeal and juice
  12. lunch sandwiches and yogurt
  13. dinner easy it will be leftovers!!
  14. have kids clean there rooms done!!
  15. finish organizing the playroom with the kids done 6/19/08!!
  16. take blankets i put on freecycle yesterday to thrift store if no one emails me by 5pm
  17. have kids make there beds done!!
  18. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  19. spot clean the couch
  20. sweep kitchen, Cheyennes room and bathrooms done!!
  21. mop boys bathroom (the smell is back and whats crazy is now they have a cheap ugly shower curtain and no rugs so i guess its just the toilet and floor but at least when i clean them the smell goes away sad i had to get rid of the rugs and curtain lol!!)
  22. water garden rain's taking care of that for me woo hoo!!
  23. research sweet potatoes and squash (i have both growing in pots and its time to transplant them in the garden but i am not sure haw much space they need) done and i think i am gonna have to give the squash away cause i don't really have the space for it anyone want it??
  24. get chads pictures in a package and have ready to mail out done!!
  25. tidy up Florida room done!!
  26. tidy up living room done!!
  27. tidy up my room done!!
  28. go to the store and get wic stuff and yogurt done!!

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