Tuesday, June 3

your kryptonite.....

so last night me and the kids were watching the newer superman movie and kyle said mom whats your kryptonite and i said hummmm probably soda and junk food and he laughed and said me to but also candy and Cheyenne yells off thats not yalls kryptonite cause it won't kill you i actually have one mines penicillin and apples so Cody yells yeah and mines mosquito bites haha and it got me thinking about what my kryptonite really is and while it is in a way soda and junk food it got me thinking maybe my negative attitude and somewhat lifestyle is also and not to mention the things that go on in my mind!! so i am thinking starting right now i am gonna try so hard to be more positive and open minded about things instead of always thinking of the bad that will happen so here's day one of my quest lol!!

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