Saturday, June 14

to do list for 6-14-08

well yesterday was a great day at the zoo and home it was also very tiring i miss having help when taking all 4 to fun places but it was lots of fun so it was worth it later today i will post some pictures from the zoo on here but for now here's my list ;)

  1. dishes done!!
  2. clean kitchen counters done!!
  3. clean my desk (hopefully i will do this today lol) finally i did this go me!!
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. have kids make there beds done!!
  6. have kids clean there rooms before bed
  7. b-fast we had eggs and grits
  8. lunch we had fried potatoes, chicken nuggets, and steamed broccoli
  9. dinner we had pizza at the party and then we also had some cereal at the house ;)
  10. feed cat done!!
  11. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs if they need it
  12. sweep driveway by the house up cause ants are taking it over since the trees got cut!!
  13. water garden x 2 done!!
  14. make some koolaid and/or tea done!!
  15. wrap gifts for party done!!
  16. go to Christa and Maddi's party we went and had a great time!! ;)
  17. 1 load of laundry done!!
  18. sweep kitchen floor done!!


Anonymous said...

i didnt know you had a cat

Christy said...

well its a stray gray cat that we just kinda claim cause it never leaves and we feed it lol! but it by no means comes in the house!!