Friday, June 6

oh how i love free stuff!!

so here i am driving around cause i wanted to get a base newspaper so i could find out what the free movie was tonight out at the beach (its spider wick chronicles if you were wondering and thats to scary for us!) but anyways on my way i see people trowing all kinds of good stuff out and stuff i will need and want (which is aways nice lol) so here's what i scored today one glider rocking chair thingie and its really nice its not the crappy kind i had back in the day that pretty much fell apart!! next i got a baby seat toy thing (something i will need since i am 5mts along and got rid of everything lol) and this is also in great shape!! next i got a box full of kids VHS tapes which are being watched now in 2 rooms lol!! and the last thing i got was a few large pieces of material (which is pretty cool since i just set mine and Cheyenne's sewing machine up after a year of not even turning it on!!) and we got that cute little ride on toy codys on in the picture and the little kitchen that kk loves by the way ;) and just a few weeks ago i got a pretty nice desk that will come in handy when we start homeschooling next year!! and a cute little lamp to go on top of it! and actually just yesterday i got one of them jumpy things that hangs on the wall i wish i still had the jumper i had for kk but its cool this one will do and it beats buying one or worse not having one lol here's some pictures of the things i got today and yes i am a dork but its cool ;)

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