Saturday, June 21

our new cat remy ;)

well here are the pictures i promised yesterday of our new cat remy today he has been really happy and letting everyone pet him so the kids are very ahppy about that and so am i ;)


Anonymous said...

awww hes cute..and

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the kids petting the cat. I love cats, but hate that I am allergic to them. Anyhow, it hasn't stop me from being around them and I haven't had a reaction in don't worry. The kids look like they are happy with your new addition to the family...CUTE CAT and hes HUGE!! lol


Amy said...

Awe, Remy looks so happy.. I am so glad it is working out. We miss him, but he looks so much happier with you guys.. you can tell he has more attention and love with all the kiddos. :) I am sooo happy he feels so loved, I can tell.