Thursday, June 12

to do list for 6-12-08

not sure what we are gonna do today i think we are just gonna chill around the house again but we may go to the beach since its been a few days! but i am not sure... well here's the list for today

  1. b-fast done we had eggs and bacon ;)
  2. lunch well we were bad and went to Wendy's cause we were at the store to long and were sooooo hungry lol!!
  3. dinner easy we had leftovers ;)
  4. dishes done!!
  5. clean counters done!!
  6. 1 load of laundry done!!
  7. take the kids to the beach or let them play in our pool we played in the pool and slip 'n' slide ;)
  8. mail chads package out done and hopefully he won't get it to late lol ;)
  9. water garden x 2 done!!
  10. take my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  11. make some cookies tonight done and they were so yummy oh how i love homemade choc. chip cookies!!!
  12. take my foodlion survey for a chance to win 1000 bucks lol ok long shot but who knows!! i did 3 foodlion ones and 1 home depot one woo hoo!!
  13. read a few chapters in the kids library book before bed i finished cheyennes it was cute i love little house on the prairie books and tomarrow we are gonna start kyles!
  14. read a few chapters in my book before bed done i read 2 chapters and its great!!
  15. sweep and mop hallway since i did not do it yesterday well at least i swept the hallway today lol
  16. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  17. clip every ones finger and toenails
  18. paint mine Cheyenne and kks toe nails (since i did not do it yesterday lol) done!! and they look so pretty ;)
  19. make my bed done!!
  20. have kids make there beds done!!
  21. have kids clean there room before bed done!!
  22. clean both bathroom toilets done!!
  23. go to walmart and get the birthday gifts i have to get done got them both!!
  24. go to cvs and use my ecb's to try and earn more well this did not work out as planed i only spent 1.57 out of pocket but i only earned 2.00 ecb's back so that really sucked since i had like 10!!! oh well maybe next week
  25. go to the commissary and keep it under 20 bucks i did very well i spent 20.59 and came home with 5 very full bags of stuff oh how i love printable coupons and the military coupons to ;)

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