Monday, June 30

to do list for 6-30-08 and my day so far..

well i have been pretty lazy today for the most part and its noon and i am just now writing this lol i did not sleep good last night i just can't get comfy and kk keeps hogging my pillow and Cody was just all in my space last night and then i kept hearing the cats bell that i am thinking may need to come off lol!! but other then all that i slept pretty good hahaha well anyways yesterday was actually a good day i got ALOT of cleaning done and today i really don't have much to do except the floors and dailys ;) well here's my list i suppose!!

  1. finish yesterdays list (mostly floors)
  2. lunch
  3. dinner
  4. dishes
  5. kitchen counters
  6. 1 load of clothes and 1 load of diapers
  7. make some more yogurt
  8. make some koolade and coffee
  9. take all my vitamins and give kids theres
  10. go to walmart and get a few things to mail to chad and get some sewing supplies
  11. have fun!!

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