Thursday, June 26

to do list for 6-26-08

  1. FINSIH kk's dress lol not gonna happen i ran out of thread so i will have to buy some more sometime this weekend ;)
  2. b-fast eggs and sausage
  3. lunch cereal and juice
  4. dinner homemade veggie soup with some hamburger meat added ;)
  5. make my bed and tidy my room up done!!
  6. have kids clean there room and make there beds done!!
  7. dishes done!!
  8. kitchen counters done!!
  9. 1 load of diapers and 1 load of clothes done!!
  10. read some in our library books
  11. make some coffee and koolade and maybe some tea ;) i made the coffee and koolade
  12. read in my bible today or listen to the cds
  13. water garden x 2 i only did it once but i think it will rain tonight so it will work out ;)
  14. put some kinda pest control on the garden (stinking ants!!) I'll do this in the morning ;)
  15. let kids play outside for awhile today we went out for a little bit but its hot out there!!!

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