Sunday, June 15

to do list for 6-15-08

well today i have to go to the store and get some kind of ant killer cause when they cut the trees down last week we have had carpenter ants everywhere outside the house and a few with come in the the side door everyday and i did not find it that big of a deal me or one of the kids with just smash them and that was that but last night as i am getting everyone in bed i go to the kitchen to fill kks water cup and there are probably 30 carpenter ants by my side door and on my counter and walls it was insane i screamed and all the kids came running and were freaking out and all i could do is sweep them and smash them cause i had no bug spray but i am getting some today and there was coupons in the paper so thats awesome!!!! but anyways here's my list for the day ;)

  1. b-fast oatmeal
  2. lunch the kids had mac'n'cheese and hot dogs and i had 2 egg salad sandwich's
  3. dinner yogurt and chicken
  4. go to the store and just get whats on my list done!!
  5. go thru the movies we got from the trash last week and get rid of the ones i don't want to keep (there are actually quite a few)
  6. 1 soda a day i did it i only had one!!!
  7. organize my coupons (they are out of control right now)
  8. fold diapers done!!
  9. 1 load of laundry i did not actually have a full load to do so i guess this will be one for tomorrow!
  10. sweep and clean outside porch nahh to wet outside to do this!
  11. get rid of a few big bulky blankets (we have way to many)
  12. have kids clean there rooms before bed well kyle did his and its bed time now so i guess Cheyennes will be done tomorrow its not to bad thou!
  13. read a few chapters in my book and kids book before bed done and kyles book is kinda boring we may have to trade it out!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids there's
  15. tidy up my room done!!
  16. clean my bathroom done!!
  17. wash out trash can well i think the rain took care of that for me ;)
  18. blow pool back up to see if i can repair it (the stupid stray cat popped it last night grrr) its a little to wet outside to make this happen but maybe tomorrow if its dry!
  19. water garden x 2 well its been raining all day so i am not gonna have to do this!

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