Friday, June 27

to do list for 6-27-08 and my day so far..

well yesterday i did not get awhole lot done i really felt like crap cause i did not sleep well the night before but i slept good last night and feel good today so that's great!! i have to sit here and wait for stupid maintenance to come today sometime between 8am-3pm ahhh that's a long stinking time and i have stuff to do today i need to take some books and movies back to the library and i need to go to the store and get a few things and i also need to get more wic stuff from the store cause we are on our last half gallon which is pretty rare for us but i have been eating alot of cereal the live active harvest nut crunch is sooooooooo good about a month ago i had 2 coupons for free boxes so when its gone i will be sad cause i am not gonna pay 3 bucks a box for that cereal even thou it is good!! but anyways here's my list for today

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters and stove done!!
  3. make my bed and tidy my room up done!!
  4. have kids make there beds and tidy there rooms up done!!
  5. water garden x 2 i watered it once and the rain did it the 2nd time ;)
  6. put pest control stuff on garden before the ants take it over grrrr... done and boy i hate putting that stuff on there i so wanted an organic garden but the ants kept eating the tomatoes and that's just not cool!!
  7. b-fast cereal
  8. lunch leftover soup from yesterday
  9. dinner frozen pizza from food lion it was pretty cheap to with my coupon ;)
  10. go to the library not happening today i waited forever for maintenance to come today so we are just gonna go tomorrow when we can go early!
  11. go to food loin done and i got a lot of stuff for 15 bucks oh yeah!!
  12. 1 soda a day!! its been hard but i have done it so far!!
  13. have kids brush there teeth x 2 (silly i know but we have only been doing it once for some reason)
  14. make coffee and koolade done!!
  15. tidy up the toy room with the kids done!!
  16. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs tonight
  17. clip and organize the coupons i am bringing with me to food lion done!!
  18. fold kks diapers done!!
  19. 1 load of laundry done!!
  20. brush kk's rat nest out done and that was a job to!!!
  21. clip finger and toe nails done and wow kyles fingernails grow fast!!
  22. spot clean couch (since i did not do it yesterday)

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