Monday, June 16

to do list for 6-16-08

well i have a lot to do today but am not really feeling like cleaning so i am gonna keep it short and maybe add to my list as the day goes on and the coffee kicks in ;)

  1. dishes done!! i was out of spoons and we were using baby spoons for yogurt this morning lol so i am happy to have them clean now!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of laundry done i actually did 2 loads cause i found a bunch of dirty towels..
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. have kids make there beds done!!
  6. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs
  7. dinner hamberger helper and corn i was feeling lazy tonight lol!
  8. pull trash can back to the house done!!
  9. water the garden done!!
  10. feed cat done and really i should quit feeding that stray cat since it ruined our pool ;(
  11. tidy up the living room done!!
  12. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  13. make kk a little daddy photo album done!!
  14. tidy up my room done!!
  15. have kids clean there room before bed done!!

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