Sunday, June 8

fishing trip at hannah park..

so the free fishing day at Hannah park was kinda a bust IMO cause it was so stinking hot and i had to put the icky worms on the hooks i did learn something new thou worms bleed yellow ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was a first for me usually when me and chad take the kids fishing he does all that while i sit in the shade or sun depending on my mood lol and read a book or something but it was all me with 3 little ones fishing and kk going i want to fish to every 30 seconds hahahaha so we got hung up on everything imaginable even on each others line once and caught no fish but did manage to lose our bait every minute or so haha so we stayed about 45 minutes or so and that was enough really for all of them cause it was hot out!! and we figured we would go to there little water park (a bunch of sprinklers) so we waited 15 minutes for that part to open only to find out we could not go in cause we did not have proper pool clothes on!!!!!! i was so upset cause they were so looking fwd to it and its only sprinklers so really whats up with that??? so all 4 of them are either whining (cheyenne) or crying (kyle,cody and kk) and that really stunk ya no!! so i am on my way home still in hannah park and i come to the stop sign and there is like 5 biker guys (as in pedal bike not motorcycles) all in my way and other peoples way to just standing there looking all lame in there tight clothes talking to each other so finally 2 of them move after i am giving them the look of the year i am sure cause i am totally stressed with 4 kids on my neck about noting going to the water park!! and i go to drive and 2 other morons on bikes come in front of me as i start diving so at this point i am kinda pissed and roll my window down and politely ask if it would be OK if i could go home sometime today and if they would not mind going out of the road to chat and they are all oh sorry about that and i just roll my eyes and leave lol OK maybe i could have just kept my mouth shut and just drove off then but it was so stinking annoying and i was so ready to be home lol!!!

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