Sunday, June 22

to do list for 6-22-08 and my day so far ;)

we have had a good day so far today, we just got back from church and Cheyenne and kyle both had a great time in kids rock and Cody of course had a great time in his class i think he would stay there all day if i let him lol!! but not kk she again would not go to her class and i really really wish she would cause its hard to really pay attention when you have a 2 year old you have to tell shhh every 5 seconds but we stayed for the music and then we walked around the lobby and listened to the message so at least i can still listen but i would really rather be in there ya no but one day she will be like Cody and want to just stay so i am grateful for how co-dependent she is now lol ;) i am gonna take it easy today and just do the basics plus mop sometime today cause kk spilled some juice in my room and kyles so thats a sticky mess but i am sure they need to be mopped anyways ;) so here's my list..

  1. dishes done!!
  2. b-fast eggs and sausage
  3. lunch cereal and hot dogs
  4. dinner I've got chicken and carrots and celery cooking in the crock pot
  5. kitchen counters done!!
  6. 1 load of clothes done!!
  7. tidy up the living room done!!
  8. tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  9. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  10. fold diapers done and it was so much easier with the new inserts!!!
  11. go thru and put my coupons away done!!
  12. mop kyles room and my room
  13. mop hallway and Cheyenne's room
  14. sweep kitchen done!!
  15. have Cheyenne clean kitchen table
  16. have kids make there beds done!!
  17. set up sewing machine and sew some inserts for kks diapers done and i am so proud of myself i got 10 inserts sewn and i was able to mend all the clothes with holes that have been at the top of my closet for almost a year now (wow) i found a shirt i used to love and will now get to love again lol!!!
  18. make some cookies done and they were yummy!!

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

WOW you go girl!! You seem to be more motivated then me lately.Keep up the good work. =)