Saturday, May 31

my i hate lowes rant

so yesterday i went to Lowe's to get the tomato cages and it took me an hour to not find them so i settled on stakes and ties and got to the register to pay with check since my wallet is still missing and i had my military id and the cashier said no you have to have a licence so i explained and she called the head cashier oohhh and they said no you have to have a licence or a passport i said are you for real and she said yes i am sorry and i said well not me i am just gonna go to home depot where they are not racist to the military and want my business and stormed off lol so i went to home depot and they had the tomato cages so i did not have to settle on the stupid stakes and they took my check when i told this cashier what Lowe's did she was like what??!! why would they do that and i said i don't know but i do no i will never be shopping there again and i even wrote them on their website yeah i was a little mad yesterday i am over it now but still annoyed lol!!

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