Saturday, June 28

to do list for 6-28-08 and my day so far..

well today is just gonna be a fun day i am not gonna worry much about cleaning today i will make a short list but that's about it cause we have a busy day in front of us we are gonna start it by going to the library and then we are gonna come home and change and hopefully go to the pool since its free today and stay there awhile and come home and change and clean up a bit and stuff and then we are going back out to the beach area for the freedom fest they are gonna have the bounce house things and other fun things for the kiddos and then tonight they are having the fireworks out at the beach and man its been years since i have seen the fireworks at the beach so i am pretty excited about that!! well anyways here's my little list ;)

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 1 load of laundry done!!
  3. general tidy of the house no this did not happen all i did was dishes and laundry and my house looks like crap i have alot to do today my list will be super long today 6/29/08
  4. go to the library done!!
  5. water garden x 2 well i did it this morning and the rain is doing it times 10 now ahhhh!!
  6. have fun ;) yeah we had a great day you can read the above post to learn more about it ;)

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Anonymous said...

wow what a storm that