Friday, June 13

to do list for 6-13-08

well there is really not to much to do around here except the dailys as i did a lot last night but i am sure i can think of some stuff!! besides housework we are gonna go to the zoo today boy i love having the yearly membership the only thing that stinks is the 4.03 a gallon in gas but its pay day so i get to fill the tank lol!! anyways here's my list!!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. b-fast we made homemade cinnamon rolls and they we really good!!!
  4. lunch we had an assortment of snacks that i brought to the zoo (cucumbers, apples, cheese crackers and chex mix) then when we got home kk and Cody also had eggs
  5. dinner chicken and fries
  6. clean my desk (how its always dirty i have no clue??)
  7. have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done thanks Cheyenne!!
  8. go to the zoo done and we had a great time we played in the water park we petted the goats, bought snow cones and fed the giraffes and just had fun in the hot hot sun lol ;)
  9. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  10. read a few chapters in the kids library book
  11. read a few chapters in my book
  12. make my bed done!!
  13. have kids make there beds done!!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids there's done!!
  15. water garden x 2 done!!

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