Sunday, June 8


not sure what my plans are today i am pretty sure we are gonna go to church and then to cvs and use up my ecbs before they expire i have 10 and if i use them right i can get a lot of stuff for pretty much noting (my kinda deal lol) i think after we get home from all that we are either gonna play outside in the pool or go to the beach if we go to the beach kyle will have to wear a shirt thou cause he got a little red yesterday on his shoulders i ran out of my 70 block at Zack's party yesterday and had to borrow Aprils 50 block and it just does not work at good as the 70 block at all i guess i sure wish cvs would put them on sale again cause i am down to just one bottle at home now and with as much as we have been outside that wont last long but at least me and Cheyenne are cool in the 15 block i think kk would be to but i am not gonna chance her getting burned ya no!! well i guess thats all for now i need to start getting everyone ready for church!

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