Friday, June 6

beach day..

we had a great time at the beach today but they were having a command party at the pavillon right before the beach and there was NO WHERE to park it took forever to get a parking place and the one we got was buy the road it really sucked but once we got to the beach there was hardly anyone there and it was just so much fun we packed a lunch and Cheyenne was the first to eat a sandwich and the seagulls were on attack and following her everywhere it was pretty funny she started getting freaked out thou thinking they were gonna attack her and to be honest i was kinda thinking they were to!!! then we came home and played in the pool and sprinkler and then came in and changed clothes and made some homemade ice cream and it was so tasty!!!

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intime0 said...

Kaylee is so precious. Send me some more pictures please. Give me an update...what's she up to know?