Wednesday, June 25

potty training results day 1

well i am VERY proud of my k-bug she did great yesterday sure we went thru about 15 pairs of underwear and 2 of which had poo poo in them but she got the idea of it and every time she went a little bit in her underwear she would run to the potty ;) one time she was running so fast for the potty she ran into the wall it was so sad i felt to bad for her!! but yeah day one was great IMO!! also i decided it was time for Cody to quit wearing good-nights to bed so i limited water when it was getting late and i made him go pee before bed and i am happy to report he woke up dry!!! so oh yeah my kiddos are getting so big ;)

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

YAHHH for KK! What a Big Girl! I was so happy when Madisyn finally went on the potty, now its time to get Alexa Alexa trained. Good for KK. I bet your so proud! =)