Tuesday, June 24

my day so far...

well my handy work on the washing machine only led me to finding out that the pump is bad all hoses are in great working order and the ones that were not i replaced but its still leaking and i like i said i found the source its the pump and while i could go order the part and try to install it, it looks a little to hard and manly like for me i had a hard enough time doing the hoses so a pump no thanks!! what really bothers me is that my washer is only 3 years old i mean what the heck is that my last one actually only lasted about 4 years but that was a cheapo one this one is a whirlpool one that was double the cost of the other so i really don't get it i need to look up some ratings this time around and get one thats gonna last or maybe we are just to hard on washers we do wash alot of clothes and diapers during the week??? oh well in other news i got to talk to chad yesterday and that was cool me and all the kids got to they were so happy they really miss him!! i did not start potty training kk yesterday cause i was so busy trying to fix the washer but she has panties on now and we are going for it today!! so far so good but its only 9:30!! well stinkin maintenance came EARLY today 8:30 now they did say between 9-11 but its usually always the later but no not today it was 30 minutes early i am still in my pjs but at least i had my bra on hahaha and they were done in like 10 minutes so that was cool and now Cheyennes door can open and shut again so thats awesome and she is pretty happy about that as she is starting to like her own time some now ;) i also got kk's dress cut out and started sewing it yesterday and only stopped cause the bobbin thread ran out and i did not feel like filling another one but i will be able to finish is today and its gonna be so cute I'll post some pictures of it when i finish it ;) well since this post is sooooo long today i am gonna just make another one for my to do list ;)

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