Thursday, June 19


well we all went outside cause i wanted to plant the sweet potatoes and the kids wanted to ride there bikes so while i was getting all my stuff out i needed i hear this horrible scream and ran out to see what was up and there's kyle face first on the sidewalk so i run over to him and help him up and all i can say is wow he was going super fast as usual and he said his pedal got stuck (he probably hit the hand brake oww) and he just fell off and because of that you can see he scraped his forehead (yes he had a helmet on!) and scraped his knee,elbow,hand, and foot wow huh!! but a big red pop cured him for the most part ;)


Anonymous said...

OUCH!!poor guy..hope he heals up fast

Anonymous said...

Poor Guy! Hope he heals fast. I remember when I use to fall off my bikes...OUCH!!