Wednesday, June 11

to do list for 6-11-08

so today i am staying home and not running all over the place even thou it would be cool to take the kids to family story time i am just gonna wait and go this weekend cause i really need a break from getting out so much and my house needs a little cleaning in the hot spots (bathrooms, dressers, counters, etc) so here's my list for today!!

  1. kitchen counters done!!
  2. stove (i made homemade fried okra last night and made a mess) done that was fun lol!!
  3. water garden x 2 done!!
  4. feed cat done!!
  5. b-fast done we had eggs and sausage ;)
  6. lunch done we had corn dogs and yogurt pops
  7. dinner done i made chicken legs, mashed potatoes, homemade mac'n'cheese, and corn
  8. give the kids there vitamins and take all mine done!!
  9. make some kool ade (yes very healthy lol) and tea made the kool ade but changed my mind on the tea
  10. clean the tops of my dressers
  11. have kids clean and organize playroom we did most of it will finish the rest tomorrow!
  12. make chad some fathers day cards done!!
  13. mail chads fathers day cards i got it ready to go out in the morning woo hoo!!
  14. find address so we can mail them lol done!!
  15. 1 load of laundry done i so need a new washer i can't stand all this water that leaks out of it but it beats the laundry mat so i guess its not to bad!
  16. sweep and mop hall way
  17. have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs in the house done!! thanks cheyenne!
  18. dishes done!!
  19. sweep and mop kids bathroom done!!
  20. clean kids bathroom mirror done!!
  21. clean both toilets
  22. stock both bathrooms with tp done!!
  23. clean kids bathroom sink done!!
  24. paint mine, Cheyenne, and kk's toe nails
  25. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  26. have kids clean up toys around the house before bed done!!
  27. pull out pots and let the kids plant some flowers (i wanted to do this the day chad left so we could see how big they got while he was gone but a week or 2 later is not to bad) done!!
  28. plant some squash done!!
  29. read a chapter or 2 in my library book read 2 chapters and its really good!!
  30. read a chapter or 2 to the kids tonight from there library book we read 4 chapters woo hoo!!
  31. move basketball hoop (so i can move chads truck back on the driveway since they are pretty much done with the yard) done!!
  32. move chads truck back on the driveway done!!


Anonymous said...

wow thats a big said...

I get tired just looking at that list.

We love your site.

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Christy said...

lol yeah this was a very busy day for me!! but i find if i make a list on here i kinda feel accountable and that i need to get it done ever since i started doing the lists i have had such a cleaner and stress free house lol!!