Saturday, June 21

to do list for 6-21-08 and my day so far ;)

well i think today is gonna be a great day for us we woke up around 8am and all of us in great moods and the cat let everyone pet him and love on him for a long time and then we got dressed and hit a few yard sales on base up and while all i got was 2 small baskets from the yard sales i did get a few things of the side of the road and that's always awesome we got a baby toy and a radio flyer trike and a Santa decoration I'll post some pictures of them later today or tomorrow ;)

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of laundry i did 2 loads of clothes and 1 load of diapers ;)
  4. b-fast we had an assortment of stuff lol cereal, oatmeal b-fast cookies, soup, and bread lol
  5. lunch sandwich's and pineapple
  6. dinner pancakes & watermelon
  7. make my bed done thanks Cheyenne ;)
  8. have kids make there beds did not happen today!
  9. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs if they need it done!!
  10. tidy up my room done!!
  11. tidy up living room done!!
  12. water garden done!!
  13. feed garden this evening nope i'll have to do this tomorrow!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  15. play in the pool or go to the beach (its really hot today!!) its about to rain so this is not gonna happen today...

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