Sunday, June 29

our fun longgggg day yesterday

well we had a really great day yesterday we started our day by going to the library and getting some new books and movies and then we came home and changed clothes and went to the pool since it was free yesterday and stayed about 2 hrs and it was fun i figured it would be over crowed and stressful with all 4 kids and no chad but it was fun everyone had a life jacket and was "swimming" away it was cute and i think we will start going a couple times a week i wish a season pass was not so much money and we would go everyday but 120 for 2 Mt's just does not seem like a good deal to me cause the season is just from June-Aug and its pretty much July now so i don't know i am still thinking about it thou.. after that we came home and rested and changed and we planned to go to the freedom fest but it got rained out so that really stunk but it quit raining for the fireworks so we went to that last night on the beach and it was really fun the kids loved it and kk was a little scared but over all she loved it she amazingly fell asleep halfway thou in my lap but we had a long busy day yesterday and it was late we did not get home till about 10pm!! i am not sure what we are gonna do today i had planned on going to church and then grocery shopping but i don't know i am still really tired and wore out from yesterday but in an hour i maybe all good so i am not ruling it out yet cause we we need to go to church and i do need a few things from the store! but more than that i need to CLEAN!!!! well i guess that's all i got for now!

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Anonymous said...

we saw the fireworks from our troy and i watched here cause the boys were asleep.the church is having a pinic 5-8 bring a side dish..we arn't i dont have a side dish to take