Monday, June 23

to do list for 6-23-08 and my day so far ;)

well i am not really sure what we are gonna do today probably just hang out at the house and play outside and stuff! one thing i do know for sure that's gonna happen tonight is that i am setting a bed time of 8:30 cause since school got out the kids have been staying up till i go to sleep which is around 10 or 11 and of course they are all crabby and so am i when i am tucking them in so that fun is over now i may let them stay up one of two days a week later then 8:30 but for the most part no more lol!! i have also decided that today is the day i start potty training kk cause she is so ready i got another potty the other day and put it in my other bathroom and its just a plan simple potty chair not all fancy like her other one and she likes the new one better and she will run and go poot on it all day lol and yesterday she peed on it so i really think she is ready we are just gonna wear underwear today (and boy its gonna be messy i am sure lol) but we are gonna try ;) so anyways here's my list!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of clothes done but i sadly found out its the pump thats bad on the washer and thats to much for me to repair so i'm gonna have to get a new machine next month when we get out tax money!!
  4. make some coffee and koolade well i made the coffee this morning but never did the koolade but thats ok since its not very good for us anyways!!
  5. make my bed and tidy my room done!!
  6. have kids make there beds done!!
  7. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  8. call maintenance about Cheyennes door done they are comming in the morning ;)
  9. go thru my patterns and pick something to make done!!
  10. get started on making something if i have all the material i need i got started i have most of the pattern cut out and am gonna do some more later
  11. b-fast oranges and cereal
  12. lunch sandwiches and animal crackers
  13. dinner we went to the uso and at for free woo hoo every Monday they have a no dough dinner ;) it was fried chicken, mashed potato's and gravy, corn, biscuits and an assortment of desserts it was great to!! and on the way out we some free bakery items i got some ww pita bread, some sub rolls, a cranberry pound cake, and some french bread i am really starting to love the uso!!
  14. post some clothes on freecycle done!!
  15. take the kids to the park for lunch we rode our bike there and ate and played for about 15 minutes and then the rain came so we had to go home!! but it was still fun i think we are gonna try to do this everyday (maybe lol)
  16. kids in bed by 8:30 it was around 9:15 and they were stressing me out cause they did not wanna go to bed so tomorrow we are starting earlier grrr...
  17. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  18. research how to fix a leaky washing machine (cause its getting real annoying) well i think i may have found the leak!! now i just have to find some pliers to get the hose off and them go buy some more and i so hope this is all it is cause i really don't wanna have to buy a new machine (well i do want a new one but i don't want to waste the money lol)
  19. do the mopping i did not do yesterday ahhh i got some done..


Freebie Queen said...
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Kristin said...

Wow! That's quite a to-do list! I used to post them on my blog, but after #5 came along, I started feeling guilty about how much I wasn't getting done.

Your children are adorable! They are close in age to mine, too! We have a 7yr old daughter, 6yr old daughter, 4 yr old daughter, 2 1/2yr old son and a 1yr old daughter.