Wednesday, June 4

to do list for 6-4-08

  1. dishes done!!
  2. clean and clear counters done!!
  3. pack some snacks and fill juice cups before 10am done and in my bag!!
  4. leave at 1010 to get to my Dr's apt on time done!!
  5. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  6. mop kitchen floor
  7. mop the kids bathroom (i think one of the boys got pee behind the toilet cause it stinks in there again ahhhh)
  8. make my bed done!!
  9. make kids beds done!!
  10. have Cheyenne vacuum my room, kyles room and living room done thanks cheyenne!!
  11. clean my desk
  12. dinner by 6:30 done its in the oven now i made homemade lasagna yummy!!
  13. read a few more chapters in the little house book before bedtime to the kids
  14. fold diapers and put them away
  15. clip every ones finger and toe nails today done!!
  16. take all my vitamins and give the kids there's! done!!
  17. 2 loads of laundry done!!

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