Thursday, June 5

to do list for 6-5-08

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 1 load of laundry (thats all i have wow ) done!! (that was easy lol)
  3. put away my cvs and foodloin stuff (wic) done finally!!
  4. clear and clean kitchen counters done!!
  5. make my bed done!!
  6. have kids make there beds done!!
  7. mop the kids bathroom (since i did not do it yesterday) done!!
  8. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  9. clean out my van done!! (well i still have to vacuum it but thats gonna have to wait till tomorrow or tonight its hot out there!!)
  10. move chads truck back on the carport (cause it dose not look like the tree trimmers are comming back) well i moved it but now it looks like they are back go figure i had it on the curb for 2 days waiting and now they are back lol!!
  11. dinner by 6:30 (leftovers) done yummy!!
  12. do something fun to celebrate the kids last day of school we played in the pool ;)
  13. put all my coupons up (they are everywhere)
  14. vacuum Florida room

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