Tuesday, July 1

wow July...

well its July only 3 Mt's till i will be a mom to 5!! wow!! well i am feeling a lot better today i think the rain and the house being a mess and me tired and unmotivated was not a good combo lol but today is a new day and i am feeling good i paid all this bills the morning and later today i am gonna get rid of our home phone cause we never use it and the one year promo is over so now our com-cast bill is 170 and that's to much and getting rid of the phone (that we never use lol) will make is 130 and then since i stars is no longer free since the years up i need to get rid of that also i paid for it this month 18 bucks!! not cool lol so yeah now when that's gone also it will go down to about 110 and that's cool cause that's about what it was and i have my cell that no one ever calls to hahahaha so if anyone still needs me and you are important enough to have my number give me a call lol!! and i will of course still have Internet i would probably die without it lol!! i also officially got rid of netflix i just had it on hold before and i just don't see the point of even that anymore cause i can always go to the red box and rent a movie for a buck and things are all good ya no!! but anyways we just got done cleaning the whole house oh yeah i said the whole house and now we are headed to walmart to get some sewing suppys and wic stuff i may go to food-lion to get the wic stuff thou cause i have a couple food-lion coupons that expire today that are for free things i guess it just depends on this wonderful weather we have been having lol!! well anyways later girls and boys i am not doing a list today but i am sure i will blog again later tonight with my random thoughts and maybe even some pictures ;)

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