Friday, July 4

to do list for 7/4/08

well we had a great time at the beach i think we may start going real early from now on cause i love high tide and there is not a lot of people there but as we were leaving it was sure filling up!! well anyways here's my to do list for today
  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters
  • fold diapers done!!
  • finish kk's dress done finally and she loves it i am gonna post some pictures in a minute!!
  • do at least one more side on Cody's blanket done with one more side now i only have 2 more to go woo hoo!!
  • make some cookies or brownies i really want the brownies but i just feel lazy now so i am going to bed in a few but i will be making these tomorrow ;)
  • make some tea and koolade done!!
  • clean my desk and tops of my dressers i got this mostly done ;)
  • make my bed done!!
  • have kids clean there rooms and make there beds well they cleaned there rooms but a negative on the beds being made!
  • CLEAN THE TOY ROOM (its in caps cause its a mess and kk dumped a bag of chips in there to make it even dirtier grr) done and wow that was a job!!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs she got the playroom done but that's all we got to today!
  • tidy up the Florida room nope this did not happen either lol...
  • lunch the boys and kk had apples and corndogs and me and Cheyenne had cheese nachos
  • dinner sandwich's and carrots
  • vitamins done!!

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