Thursday, July 17

to do list for 7/17/08 and my day so far..

well so far so good for today i woke up really early and got some stuff done around the house and it was really nice and peaceful kinda spooky quite lol but very nice ;) i did not really get anything done on my list yesterday cause we went to the pool and then after that i got a horrible headache so i pretty much just laid down the rest of the day but i am pretty positive i can get everything done today and a few others (hopefully anyways lol)

  • lunch sandwich's and apples
  • library (we have some overdue movies) nope we did not make it hopefully i can get there tomorrow after Cheyenne's eye appointment
  • vitamins done!!
  • dinner done tacos yummy..
  • yesterdays list done finally!!! 7/18/08
  • fix kyles rug and bed done!! 7/18/08

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