Friday, July 25

to do list for 7/25/08 and my day so far...

well yesterday was great i got everything i need to get done done!! and thats awesome i can finally be stress free for a few days anyways haha i am not sure what we are gonna do today i am thinking about the beach if it stays nice out anyways but we may just stay home and play in the sprinkler i don't know yet...i think i may get some sewing stared today also cause its been awhile i started making all the fleece blankets and sewing just took the back burner but i am done for now with making them and thank goodness cause my hands were getting sore lol!! well i guess thats all i got for now here's my to do list...

  • b-fast oatmeal and yogurt
  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • wash diapers done!!
  • clean my desk and dressers done 7/26/08
  • mop mop mop the house done 7/27/08
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the house done 7/26/08
  • clean the fl room today done 7/26/08
  • take my van to a car wash and vacuum it out not happening again i'll put it on my list for next week 7/27/08
  • get started on a new sewing project not only did i start one but i finished it to!! i will post a picture of kk's new dress later 7/27/08
  • lunch hamburgers, fries and apples
  • go get wic stuff done!!
  • have kids clean there room before bed done!!
  • help kids tidy up playroom before bed done!!
  • vitamin's done!!
  • dinner eggs and mac'n'cheese
  • fill out my sears rebate thingie online done finally 7/27/08

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