Monday, July 21

to do list for 7/21/08

  • organize and declutter my room done 7/22/08
  • have kids organize and declutter their rooms done 7/22/08
  • tidy up both bathrooms well i did mine and thats good enough for now ;) 7/22/08
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor done finally 7/23/08
  • lunch burgers and fries and sweet tea ;)
  • dinner we went to the no dough dinner at the uso tonight and it was GOOD!! they had fat boys wings with potato salad and watermelon and then they had salads and all kinda of drinks and best of all it was free!!! oh how i love the no dough dinners ;)
  • go to the beach we went to the zoo and i will post pictures tonight we stayed along time and had a good time but it was to hot even in the water park we were still hot now that's bad lol!!! but again it was fun!!
  • get all trash out of my van done 7/24/08 finally!!
  • have kids make their beds done!! 7/22/08
  • make my bed done 7/22/08
  • wash all kyles bedding done finally!!
  • tidy up Florida room with the kids
  • tidy up the playroom with the kids done 7/23/08
  • make some tea and koolade i made tea...

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