Wednesday, July 9

to do list for 7/9/08

  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • wash diapers well i did 3 loads of clothes but never got the diapers lol so i will do them tomorrow!
  • b-fast yogurt and cinnamon toast
  • make my bed and tidy up my room done!!
  • have kids make there beds and tidy up there rooms done!!
  • help Cheyenne dump the litter box and put in litter in it done yuck!!
  • find chads address to the boat, and mail the package out!! done finally it took me like 2 weeks to get this done!!!
  • put new ink in printer done!!
  • hoe garden i finally did this and wow it was a job i am soooo tired now lol!!!
  • clean the kids bathroom done!! finally!!
  • clean my bathroom this is not happening today but i will try to get to it tomorrow!
  • lunch grilled cheese sandwiches and leftover soup and kk and Cody had corndogs
  • dinner leftover soup and yogurt
  • have Cheyenne vacuum tonight if needed i vacuumed everything but the living room and my room
  • START ON KK'S BLANKET i will do this tomorrow!!!!!!!!
  • bed time for kids no later then 9pm!! we are going to bed now its 8:57 so woo hoo!!
  • vitamins done!!
  • wipe down part of the wall in the living room done and again i love goo gone it works great and ya no its amazing to me what i have let myself get used to with the walls being dirty so i am gonna try hard to make sure they stay clean!!
  • have Cheyenne clear and wipe down kitchen table done!!
  • take a walk and let the kids ride their bikes done and i am so tired now we went far!!
  • homework with kids we did alot of reading today!

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