Wednesday, July 2

a couple new pictures

heres a picture of my big ole belly lol ;)
well this is just a super cute picture of kk so i had to put it up she is just so pretty!!
and this is Cody and kk crashed out on my bed/there bed lol i was trying to get a picture of Cody's big puffy face and lips but i did not get it close enough but its still really cute ;)

and this is just a silly one of kyle hahaha!!
Cheyenne took this one herself she looks pretty funny in it lol but man she has some pretty eyes!!

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Kristin said...

Your kiddos are adorable. Your belly is cute, not as big as it might seem to you. My belly is always HUGE! That is not an exaggeration. I always gain more than 50 lbs. and I have a lot of amniotic fluid. I usually outgrow my maternity clothes by 8 months and since I carry until 9 1/2, I am really squeezing into them for awhile.