Monday, July 14

oh yeah!!!!

wow i have to say i am super happy today!! even thou i just got back from the longest and dumbest wic class ever it was on breastfeeding i am like hello i have b/f 4 kids i am pretty sure i know how to do it it was so stupid i actually feel dumber by some of the questions that were asked!! but anyways on to why its an awesome day now...we got our tax check all 2400 of it oh yeah!! and the bank let me deposit it without chad signing it and i am so grateful cause we soooo need a new washer and i need to buy some small cloth diapers since i got rid of all kk's smalls but mostly i just want that new washer cause ours is getting really annoying with all the water leaking out!!!! thank you god that's all i have to say!!!!

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