Friday, July 11

to do list for 7/11/08

    well this just sucks some how when i did spell check my whole list got erased!!!!!!!!! so here we go again i guess!!
  • b-fast and make coffee wow it was almost 11 when i got b-fast done my mom called and we got to talking a long time lol my poor kids were so hungry and so was i!! anyways we had eggs bacon and toast

  • dishes done!!

  • kitchen counters done!!

  • sweep and mop kitchen floor

  • 1 load of laundry done!! 7/12/08

  • finish cleaning my bathroom

  • have Cheyenne vacuum done!! 7/12/08

  • lunch yogurt and oranges

  • dinner beans, rice, broccoli, and cheese sticks

  • make my bed and tidy up my room done!! 7/12/08

  • have kids clean there rooms and make there beds done!!

  • help kids clean and organize the playroom done!! 7/12/08

  • fold diapers done!! 7/12/08
  • do at least one side of kk's blanket done!! 7/12/08

  • do some school work with the kids done!! 7/12/08

  • have kids in bed by 8:45

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