Thursday, July 3

to do list for 7/3/08

  • dishes done!!
  • clean sink done and wow its amazing how dirty it was and i did not even notice i am gonna start doing this weekly!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • clean microwave done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor well i sweeped and mopped a few areas i will have to finish it tomorrow thou..
  • wash diapers and 2 or 3 other loads done i did the diapers and 3 loads of clothes and now i am done with everything...for now anyways lol
  • fold diapers nope this will be a job for tomorrow..
  • tidy up my room and make my bed another job for tomorrow lol!!
  • have kids clean there rooms and make there beds done!! and i even moved the beds it was pretty stressful cause the futon got stuck in the hallway and that really stunk but we finally got it done and everyone is happy!!
  • get diaper/snack bag ready by 2pm (i have a Dr's apt at 230) done and everything went well at the appt.
  • vitamins
  • get to work on kk's blanket well i started Cody's new one he really wanted a lighting mc queen one i have one side done and 3 more to go..
  • finish kk's dress also not gonna happen cause i am soooo ready for bed!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs
  • lunch we had leftover lasagna and pizza
  • dinner i was on the phone for a long time with my mom so dinner tonight at 9pm was corn dogs lol!!

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