Wednesday, July 30


well today is panning out to be stressful already and its just 9:30am it started great me and kk woke up and played and had fun then kyle got up and started with his i want to get on the computer begging and i personally don't think kids should be on the computer i do however let kyle and Cheyenne get on about once every couple days and go to but other then that they only sit around when i get on to look at pictures or maybe a movie if i decide to put one on which is uncommon lol but anyways back to my point i told him no and he gets mad and goes in his room and pouts and pouts and i just ignore him cause if he wants to pout in his room he can do that and then about 15 minutes later he finds me in the kitchen and wants to get on the computer again i am like kyle what did i tell you earlier and he goes fine I'll never get on the computer and storms off to his room so i go about what i am doing in the kitchen and Cody comes in and says can kyle get on the computer i mean wtf I SAID NO???!!!! does that not mean anything????? but whatever my days gonna get better cause i am about to make some cookies and my cookies and can cure about anything lol and i might go to the beach or pool today so that will also be cool well we are assuming it does not storm AGAIN!! it seems it does everyday!! so yesterday when we were outside i picked so many cherry tomatoes my kids are so tired of them now to and i have like 60+ and there will be more ready in the next few days its insane how fast these things grow!!!! i am trying to figure out what to do with them now i am thinking about maybe making some pizza sauce i am thinking that could be good since it would be sweet but i don't know i may just give them away??? well that's all for now later guys..

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