Wednesday, July 16


so this day started off really stressful i woke up to Cody and kk telling me they were hungry (that's pretty normal lol) so i am slowly getting up and kk is still kinda dragging me saying shes a hungry girl lol and then Cody runs ahead to the kitchen and i hear a LOUD crash so i run in there only to find the fridge open and a huge glass bottle of minced garlic everywhere (and i do mean huge jar lol) so i make the starving kids go in the kitchen and i clean only to hear every 10 seconds I'm hungry momma lol so i am cleaning faster at this point and cut the crap out of my hand so i clean it and get over it and clean the mess more and finally about 25 or so minutes later i am done (thank god) so i give kk and Cody some food real quick and then open the fridge cause i need a coke to destress lol and as i open it with some force to no less i remember i never fixed the shelf that Cody knocked out and out comes the glass bottle of hot sauce and shatters everywhere so, so much for that coke and this time i yell last time i was just glad he did not get hurt and just got them out of the room so after i am done yelling at myself lol i clean up the mess and finally i am done and here i am drinking my soda in somewhat peace except kyle asking about playing on the computer every couple minutes lol!!! so hows your day going???

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Proudmommyandnavywife said...

OH NO! I hope your day gets better. Yeah thats definitely a bad start. Well I hope your daughters eyes get better. That can't be any fun either. Just let me know. WE have 2 So hopefully we can go before Jeremy gets back and take the van from me. Plus the motor stuff for my car came in yesterday. Go figure it comes in the day he leaves. Grrr.