Wednesday, July 16

to do list for 7/16/08

i need to do a to do list today cause yeah i just do!!!

  • clean my desk done!! 7/18/08
  • clean both my dressers done 7/18/08
  • clean my floor (pick up stuff, sweep vacuum) done except vacuuming but i can do that in the morning ;)
  • tidy up my bathroom done for the most part 7/18/08
  • make my bed done!! 7/18/08
  • have kids clean there rooms and make there beds done!! 7/17/08
  • dishes done!! 7/17/08
  • kitchen counters (declutter and clean) done!! 7/18/08
  • wipe front of fridge and stove off done!! 7/18/08
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor done 7/18/08
  • vitamins done
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs done 7/18/08
  • clean and organize playroom with the kids done 7/18/08 and boy it was a job!!
  • clean and organize the Florida room with the kids done!! 7/17/08
  • go spend my wic check today before it expires done!!
  • make or buy bread today (depending on how i feel lol) done!! i bought it but i think i am gonna make a bunch in the next couple days ;) 7/17/08
  • 1 load of laundry done!! 7/17/08
  • tidy up kids bathroom done for the most part 7/18/08
  • clean up outside the house done 7/17/08
  • pick tomato's from garden and water it x's 2 done!!
  • make some tea done!!

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