Monday, July 7

to do list for 7/7/08

ahhhh.....i feel horrible!! today stated off pretty good we got up and drive around a found some cool stuff on the curb but then we came home and ate but i ate the left over Chinese dumplings and i ate sooo much cause they were sooooo good and now i don't even feel like moving i hope i feel better fast cause i have stuff i want to do today and my house needs not be cleaned as usual!! well here's a list just in case i feel better soon!!

  • dishes done i had a lot to!!
  • make my bed and clean my room
  • have kids clean there rooms and make there beds done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs later done thanks cheyenne ;)
  • lunch soup and leftover pancakes
  • dinner chocolate chip muffins and leftover pancakes
  • clean the kids bathroom
  • take a walk or bike ride to the park if its not raining well we took a super quick walk maybe 2 blocks lol cause i was hot and still not feeling real good i thought it would help me feel better and it did a little..
  • cut and do at least one side on kk's blanket nope i did not do it i was really ready for bed last night!!
  • vitamins done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • make some koolade and tea changed my mind but i did make some coffee..
  • look up some ratings on mops i need a better one!! done and i think i am gonna get another steam mop i am really wishing i would not have gotten rid of the one i had on freecycle when we got here (what was i thinking!!)
  • clean and take a picture and write a blog of the cool stuff i got lol!! doing it now!

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