Thursday, July 10

to do list for 7/10/08

  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters
  • b-fast yogurt and juice
  • 1 load of diapers and 1 load of clothes if needed done!!
  • knock all spider webs down around are house there are a ton!! done and boy was that fun not!!!
  • wipe down a section on the wall in the living room done and this wall was harder cause there was so much pen on it but i got most of it up thanks to goo gone again lol!!
  • refill Cheyennes allergy medicine done but i have to wait till Tuesday to pick it up
  • let Cheyenne sew some scrap material (i am teaching her lines)
  • lunch apples and corndogs
  • vitamins done!!
  • tidy up my room and make my bed
  • have kids tidy up there room and make there beds
  • help kids clean and organize the playroom
  • have Cheyenne vacuum tonight if needed
  • START KK'S BLANKET i am happy and proud to report i cut and finishes one side yeah go me!!!
  • clean my bathroom well i cleaned the toilet thats about as good as its gonna get today lol
  • make some OJ and tea i made the OJ and coffee i might make tea later but for now i have changed my mind..
  • dinner we had pizza rolls and bananas ;)
  • have kids in bed by 8:45 (we are slowing gonna get to 8pm lol) i don't think this is gonna happen cause we are going to Jeni's house her husband is gonna fix the breaks in my van yeah!!! ;)

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The Happy Housewife said...

I am tired just reading your list!!! I spent the morning at the commissary so I am off to tackle my projects this afternoon.